A safe, cost efficient payment gateway

IPM markets a cost effective, international, safe payment gateway for ecommerce businesses.  IPM’s marketed gateway is a leader in payment processing for....websites, online auction sites, and varied corporate users.

IPM is a global payment solution provider
IPM offers one of the fastest and safest ways for consumers to pay online and transfer funds on the internet through its access to many global acquirers that provide choices to settle in many currencies.  The many benefits are: 
  • Compare rates  A cost-effective payment method for online business 
  • Quick set up  Fast payment system integration for e-commerce websites
  • Vast number of payment types  Access to over 60 local payment types in 39 currencies in over 200 countries
  • Risk management  Low chargebacks and fraud through high-end risk management
  • Free support  No minimum commitments - free of charge integration and support
  • Instant payment knowledge Direct processing and instant payment notifications for immediate product delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction  Worldwide satisfied customers
  • Easy payment gateway  Highly optimized payment gateway providing a quick and easy checkout process
  • Customer service 24/7 Customer Service
  • Verification  Address verification at no additional costs



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